Dear Squash Friends, Players and Guests,

Martin Wren
As Technical Director I would like to welcome all competitors, supporters and officials to this prestigeous Masters event.

Masters events are now well established and in my view the players involved represent the 'golden age' of squash - they represent the highest standards and also command the admiration and respect of supporters devoted to squash.
It is also the view of ESF that the promotion of Masters events in general, but in Europe specifically, is a key priority and so I am very grateful to Miklos and his hard working team for their superb efforts in promoting this event.
It is through events like this that the Masters circuit will develop and that this event is a standard bearer for the future of Masters squash.
It continues to set high standards and is key to the continued development of the Masters game at all levels - and will continue to provide long lasting pleasure and enjoyment for all squash enthusiasts.

I hope that everyone enjoys the occasion, the quality of play and also the spirit in which the matches will be played.
I look forward to seeing you in Szeged.

Best regards

Martin Wren
Tournament Technical Director
ESF Vice president


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